Never had a chance

Life with you has been hard
Our relationship was built on injury, sickness, and codependency
I hoped, above all else
That we could still build a life together
Even with broken and charred sticks
But love is so difficult
And requires much more than just hope
We never had a chance, did we, my love
We were down before we left the gate
And that
Makes me sadder, for the beautiful life we might have had

Black Hole

I remember when I was important to you

When you called me baby

And spooned me all night long

I miss the feel of your weight on me

And the way you looked into my soul

I can still feel your lips on mine

And the way you scorched my skin

I recall how you woke me

In the middle of night

To say “I love you”

Inside of me

Our beautiful universe

Has become a black hole…

(Song) Return to Me

Come home to me baby

Be the girl you used to be

Come back to me baby

Come back before I flee

Im sitting here thinking about the days we used to spend

Talking, walking, wondering where our lives would end

You used to say you loved me

You’d tell me that we fit

But now we barely talk at all

How did we become so small

Return to me baby

I can’t take this anymore

I need to know you love me

Or I’m walking out the door

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